Branding and design


Are you a regular Joe or a pioneer?!

Large companies spend enormous amounts of money building and protecting their brands. They know the power of branding and use it to gain market share, and increase sales and profits.

Yet brand management can be hard. It is often misunderstood and neglected. Regardless of the size of an organisation, when branding is successful sales become easier and businesses grow.

Do you need a new brand image? We’ll show you different brands and find out what appeals to you and why. We’ll consider your market, research your customer base and learn how to make your brand connect with your customers and prospects.

Then we’ll work with brand designers (yours or ours) to create visual ideas reflecting your business and your goals. Branding is so much more than a logo! 

Do it by the book

Once you are happy we will create a brand and design image in various formats for print, web etc. Also, a valuable, comprehensive Brand Book to help you keep your brand clear. Your Brand Book will specify colours, typefaces and print rules for any supplier. It will also give you a 'tone of voice' reference, so that your written communications across the business re-enforce your design messages.

This branding service will give you the tools to deliver communications that build on your position or take you in new directions.


Good design can be very simple or very complex but it has to resonate with its audience. If it doesn't it can be remembered for all the the wrong reasons. Who can forget the debacle when British Airways unveiled their new 'world images' tailfin designs, and that was in 1997! Or the debate that ensued when the London 2012 Olympic Games logo was revealed? It just goes to prove that a large budget does not always get the desired result.

We will always strive to get the best from your budget and strike the right cord with your audience. From logos and signage, newsletters and magazines, advertising and advertorials, conference material and pop up banners, to packaging and shelf wobblers, we can design it and get it produced for whatever medium you require.

We haven't been asked to design a plane tailfin yet but there's a first for everything...