Social media

Social media toolbox

We'll create a toolbox to enable you to deliver your plans. Images, app suggestions, videos, competitions, customer case studies, referrals, campaign ideas and outline plans, event diaries, link directories, research suggestions and lists of potential advocates. All these things will be at your fingertips, instead of on your 'to do' list.

Our social media toolbox is designed for busy marketers. It's also valuable for businesses where social media is handled by a non-marketing person wearing more than one hat.

Social media plans

We will deliver a social media plan in line with your resources and scope. We’ll take into account any communication plans you have, to make sure your social media activity joins up.

We'll audit what you do, how you look, what is said. We’ll peek into forums and blogs to see what people say about you off your site.

Your competitors' sites will come under scrutiny, as well as sites that we think are a good source of inspiration for your business. 

Then we'll get our thinking caps on and develop a plan of activity packed full of creative ideas that match your resources and your business goals.

We’ll do this with an eagle eye on opportunities for you to turn social media into a fantastic communication channel that grows your business.