Marketing and PR

Marketing planning

It's easy to be too busy to plan ahead and then waste your time fire-fighting

We help take the pressure off and give you breathing space and direction. If you need tactical plans for a few months, or to build a strategy supporting long-term direction, we will create plans that are clear, in line with your budgets and realistic. 

Short-term plans – helping you see the way ahead for a few months

Long-term plans – supporting your strategic direction and long-term goals

Why should you trust us with your plans? No-one knows your business as well as you do, but having an outside expert consider your business is a refreshing opportunity to get a new perspective, or provide support at times of change. We develop plans in conjunction with you that are exciting and robust, and will help make your business succeed. 

If you need extra hands at peak times of activity or during staff absence, use us as your virtual marketing department. We will work with you to bring your plans to life, by providing practical hands-on skills when you need them. 

Communication planning

Whatever your budget and resources we will work with you to create a seamless and consistent plan that is easy to follow.

Your communication plan enables you to manage all the channels you use to connect with your audience. It helps ensure that you are communicating at the right time, to the right people, in the right way with the right message. This supports you business to gain more customers and retain the ones you have. Having a communication plan will save you time and make your budget go further. 

A calendar of events and actions

After getting to know you and finding out what your goals are, we'll create and fine tune your communication plan. The result will be a clear schedule of when and where to communicate to your various market sectors. It will be delivered as a calendar of events and actions, and include helpful notes, contact details and budget information. It might be a framework for you to build on, or a plan that we keep updated and help deliver. 

Time saving and effective

The plan will help you build your story and strengthen your brand by documenting key sector messages. It will ensure you have a consistent voice across all communications channels and save you time when you need to write new copy or place adverts.

If you don’t have the manpower to deliver the plan we can do it for you. Think of Foreword as extra people on your team. We’ll be your champions, looking out for opportunities and working with you to help your business grow.

PR planning

We’ll research contacts, publications, events, exhibitions, media sources and social media to give you the tools to build your brand with effective PR.

You'll receive a practical, clear PR plan to follow, showing monthly activity and resources. It will come complete with contacts, timings and ideas to help you raise awareness. Our PR plans will help you use time more effectively and give you more opportunities to get more customers.

If you do not have the time to run your own PR effectively, let us do it for you. We’ll keep to an agreed amount of activity to get your profile raised in line with your goals. We will create and send press releases, write and post blog copy and speak with journalists and influencers. We'll report on the activity and bring you refreshed information of new opportunities and events.

Something you want to shout about?

Use us as your soapbox. You tell us, we'll tell everyone else.

Finding new markets

A multi-step process, involving workshop meetings, support and training, followed by helping you undertake work to develop your plans further. 

We'll help you define your products and sectors, and provide training on how to evaluate markets. You'll learn how to consider market sectors, match your products to them, identify gaps and understand what the competitive situation is, so that you can develop a strategy that is likely to succeed.

This service begins with a workshop meeting, considering your products, market ideas and experiences. This forms the framework of a planning and decision making process that will enable you to identify, evaluate and select target markets, as well as spot opportunity gaps for product development. At the end of the process you will have a well researched plan, and a prioritised understanding of your market and product opportunities.